Our New Home -Gwen… I mean Wen, because nobody can pronounce my name.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I feel like I have nothing to talk about… but that is certainly not the case.

I’ve started a dance class here in Joaçaba; I take classical ballet on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and a half both days. It’s much more difficult than dance was in Clarksville! I guess the ballet I did there wasn’t classical. The girls and the teacher are really nice! Two of the girls speak some English, and the teacher speaks a bit less than they do haha. I really enjoy it though! Unfortunately, the first week I went, I made a sort of bad first impression because I was extremely nervous, I hadn’t danced for several months and my feet were working against me.

I just did my 3rd session yesterday and it went pretty well, I wasn’t so nervous. Fortunately, for the dances they’ve already learned, I have the best dancer teaching me and we’ve become pretty good friends (she is one of the two who speak English.) The teacher/students have “invited me”, as they say, to dance in Giselle, which will be performed in November. J YAY! I’ll have to work hard because they have already learned a lot, but I’m excited!

Me and mom had some stomach problems last week, but they only lasted about 2 days. I think daddy had some issues too. Now I’ve moved on to having major headaches all day, swollen lymph node thingies and a couple nights I’ve had a fever. I’m getting tired of it, haha. Thankfully Chaise is healthy.

About two weeks ago, our family, the Zamora’s and another couple went to a pay-to-fish hatchery; I was expecting a pond and a little shack, but there were two ponds and a very big outdoor restaurant. It was very nice! They had tables set up on a covered patio with the two ponds (carp in one, tilapia in the other), a nice playground in the back, and about 7 pool tables. There were lots of people there. We all went over to the carp pond and fished for a while, but only me and daddy caught fish; I caught the first and biggest fish, then dad and I alternately caught 3 more. He caught two puny ones and I caught two huge ones! Haha J After fishing, we ate lunch and played pool. I hope we can go back there again, I like it!

I don’t know if mom or dad has posted anything about it yet, but our new house is pretty awesome! It has 3 bedrooms (one of which is an office), one bathroom, a nice sized kitchen, and a big living room. We have nice furniture and appliances; our landlords let us use herbs from their garden outside; and lots of people let us borrow things. The people here are very nice. Someone gave us a dinosaur TV, too. It only gets two channels, so they put it in my room. It’s more for decoration than actually watching television. I got a mosquito net for my bed because I always woke up with new bug bites all over me, and since we’ve been in our new house, we find a few spiders that have decided to live in the corners of my room; we kill them, but more come back every night. I like to be on the safe side, haha. Despite the bugs, we like the house a lot and God was very good to give it to us!

I’ll post more later, I’m going to go eat a doughnut from the bakery around the corner! Tchau!


2 thoughts on “Our New Home -Gwen… I mean Wen, because nobody can pronounce my name.

  1. Thank you for describing your new surroundings. That fishing place sounds wonderful! Good job on catching Mr. Big Fish.

    Wish I could see your dance in November!!!

    Glad you got the mosquito net and hope you stay well.

    I wonder why you have been feeling badly. Is it the weather or change of climate?

    Sounds like you are not in school yet. Maybe you won’t have to go.

    I miss you –

    love you,

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