On Joaçaba, Brazil, etc.

Post by John
Hey there everyone, we have been here for a little over a month and its starting to feel a little more like home. The Zamora family is great; they are very nice, as are most of the people we have met in Brazil so far. Most are very helpful, especially when it comes to working with me, butchering their languagelol.

Our house is almost set up, I still need to make a few home improvements and Donna and Gwen are adding homey touches. Soon we might even send out a few pictures of the place.

It is really amazing how much we take for granted in the good ole US of A. Comfortable beds, comfortable couches and hot and cold running water at every faucet. Let me explain Well, the first two are easy to understand. We have yet to find a comfortable bed or couch. We are pretty sure they have them, but they are expensive. Even in the states a cheap couch is relatively comfortable. We bought a new couch and love seat and they are skinny and feel like sitting on a hard cardboard. But thats okay. The water is weird, it is safe to drink here which is a nice thing, but we still buy 20 liter jug to be on the safe side. It appears Brazilians use cold water most of the time. The kitchen and bathroom sinks have one knob and that is for cold water. Showers (I have yet to see a bathtub) all have a flash shower head; you turn it on, and it instantly heats the water, turn it on too fast and the water is cooler than you might want for a shower, but you get use to adjusting it. Gwen at first hated them, but I am pretty sure she is getting the hang of it, or at least I should say I havent heard her screaming and complaining from the shower anymore. Water pressure is very lacking, but not too much worse than our house in Clarksville.

Joaçaba is a cute town of about 20,000 people, it use to be more, but they split the town in two. They changed the name of the town on the other side of the river (Herval dOeste, which could mean something like Bushes on the West Side) and that seems to have been done in a few different towns that we have gone through. Joaçaba is tucked into a little river valley with very steep hills. The hills are covered with thick grouping of trees. It reminds me a lot of Eureka Springs; they even have a giant statue. The statue is of Friar Bruno, a very influential Catholic priest in the history of Joaçaba and the surrounding area. It also happens to be the third largest statue in the Americas.

Last Saturday we went with Pastor Zamora to another church in a town called Peritiba that he preaches at every other week. On the way there we went through a town called Perituba, it is a very popular tourist town for its thermal springs which reminded me again of Hot Springs. It was packed full of tourists who were all walking around in colored terry cloth robes and had big tourist buses all over the place. We want to go back there for a day or two sometime.

Life here is reminding me of something a commander of one of the ships I was on once told me, You have to be in a state of max flex, or in other words, ready for changes at any time. And so we are in max flex, as we plan our next adventure in Brazil.

TChau for now.


One thought on “On Joaçaba, Brazil, etc.

  1. Have enjoyed the updates–even though adventures come with trials. Maybe it’s just your spin on things? It’s nice to have “eyes” in Brazil. My own vicarious vacation. God bless and be safe.

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