Tippy Toes and Pins and Needles, by Gwen

Hey guys! Its story time with Gwen! 🙂

The last two Saturdays, I danced in the annual Joaçaba Bella Dança recital. The first act of the recital was Beauty and the Beast, or Bela e a Fera, and the second act was a bunch of individual dances, some solos, some groups. I was in the final dance, the “big finale”; it was total bliss to be on a Brazilian stage, dancing with people who don’t speak English, haha.

Preparing for the recital wasn’t tough at all; remember from my last post (a long time ago) I said I had one of the best dancers teaching me how to do it? She taught me well. I learned the dance quickly, it was pretty easy, but looked difficult. I really liked it! It made me feel pretty. 😛

Each class (or, aula, in Portuguese), we’d do our warm-ups, most of which I’m very slow at because they require a lot of coordination that I lack, then the girls would practice their solos and I’d watch. That was sort of painful for me because I wanted to do another dance, but in a month, there was no way. I told mom one day after a rehearsal at the theater, “That was one of the worst tortures I’ve ever endured.” (Not like I’ve been through a lot, haha.) Watching them makes me want to get up and dance, but of course I don’t know what I’m doing and getting up and randomly dancing would be… odd. Anyway, at the end of class we’d all do the group dance together a couple times. So, six weeks of practice finally paid off.

The days of the recitals, I had to get up at 7:30 to walk to rehearsal at the theater at 9:00. Yay. During the afternoons, I sat around and did nothing for the most part, which was very nice. At around 7:45 I headed to the theater to get ready for the night; we didn’t have to walk into town again, though, thank God. The first night, Eli gave us a ride (me and my mom) and the second night, I got a ride with a family from the church whose daughter was a sheep in Beauty and the Beast. She was adorable! So, when I arrived, after searching through the maze-like downstairs area of the theater for a few minutes I finally found the dressing room; I made a very dramatic entrance. Marianne, the one who taught me the dance acted as my mother both nights, and for that I was extremely grateful! She lent me the make-up that I didn’t have and a hair net for my bun. I do NOT like my hair in a bun, no sir. Our make-up had to be dramatic as well; the eye shadow had to be black, dark gray and silver. After hair and make-up, we put on our costumes. The top part was a shiny material corset with a zipper on the side (it was frustrating) and a large piece of elastic material in the back, weird. The top also had a few strings of flowers going across it diagonally; the skirt was a white romantic tutu that was too big, thank goodness for safety pins! We had two flowery hair pieces that I thought looked like Julius Caesar’s crown thingy. After all that, we looked pretty good. 🙂

After dancing the first night

Waiting for the second act of the night(:

The first night during the first act, me and Marianne stayed in the dressing room and took pictures and stuff. The second night, everyone went upstairs and watched Beauty and the Beast from the side. It was really good! We all danced along to the music. Once it was time for the second act, everything got hectic; with costume changes, hair and make-up fixes, new shoes and nerves, people were running around like crazy. But I calmly stayed out of the way, haha. I wasn’t nervous until about two seconds before we went on stage, but things went very smoothly and I think I did well. (There’s a video of it on my Facebook if anyone would like to watch it.)
The first Saturday was Dad’s birthday, so we went out for pizza afterward and had a lovely cake. I still had my hair up with the flowers in, so every person in the place looked at me weird. 😦 Oh well. The second night, I went out for pizza at a different place with the girls from dance; I took the flowers out that time! I had a lot of fun! Last Saturday night was the first night of the Christmas lights being lit up, so almost everyone in Joaçaba came out to see them; the streets were packed! There was also a concert going on.
After pizza, on the way back to the theater with the girls, we saw a drunk man passed out on the sidewalk; it was very scary! We ran quickly around him. That night I got in at 1:00 :/ I was very tired.

Now at dance we just do our warm-ups and random dances that I can’t seem to learn. 😦 But, I’m getting there. On Dec. 9th, there is a “test” to see if I’ll move up into the more advanced class… I don’t know about that.

Well, today Mom and I went and talked with the principal of the private Lutheran school down the road to see if I could get in when school starts back up in February. The geography teacher from there who also goes to our church talked to her before and she wasn’t too excited about the idea of having a non-Portuguese speaking girl in her school. Fortunately when we went and talked to her, she understood that I will continue to learn the language, and learn even more when I get to school. She let me in. 😀 YAY! And she even called me pretty, hahaha.

I get to wear a lovely uniform (sweat pants and a t-shirt). I’m very, very nervous though. I’m scared to embarrass myself when it comes time for P.E. (and the rest of the day, of course, being the new kid is never easy), soccer and volleyball; both sports that I’m not very good at, at all. At least, and thank the Lord, I have a few friends that go there! So, I wont be totally lonely or anything.
A nice thing about this school is that there is only one book per semester that you have to carry around; it has all the subjects in it. No heavy books to keep up with!!! I just really hope I’ll be able to understand what’s in the book though. Haha. But, I still have my homeschooling thing going on here, so I’ll be alright if I don’t learn much there. Please pray for me! 🙂
I’m off to eat a piece of orange cake that I made, mmm! Xau!


2 thoughts on “Tippy Toes and Pins and Needles, by Gwen

  1. Wow! One thing I know about you……..you are a good writer!

    I enjoyed reading all your blog and “seeing” in my mind all those events described.

    Wish I could have been there!

    Please continue to take care of YOU! There is only one special Gwen! And I love you!



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