Old World Bakeries or Why I Haven’t Lost Weight

Assortment of cakes

post by Donna
To be honest, I was not sad to say farewell to the cuisine of Brazil, but there is one thing I’m gonna miss: the bakeries. Fortunately, Uruguay and Argentina also have these wonderful European baking traditions with delicious fresh bread and pastries galore. And you can find one every few blocks.
The cakes are works of art, and have a lot going on by comparison to our cakes at home. They are packed full of surprises and ingredients – fruits, nuts, creams – but they really don’t taste all that great. You can buy them by the slice! This is great but I almost feel guilty for asking the baker to cut into a beautiful complete cake.
Here in Argentina, dulce de leche, a caramel-like cream, is (in my opinion) just overused – as icing on cakes – and most notably spread between cookies to create the national obsession: alfajores. I guess if there were a US- equivalent, it would be the black and white sandwich cookie (Oreo).
Enjoy these pictures and I’ll be sure to eat a pastry for you!

In Uruguay and Argentina, they are called Confiterias - this one was in Montevideo, Uruguay




One thought on “Old World Bakeries or Why I Haven’t Lost Weight

  1. Thanks so much for eating all those wonderful pastries for me. I am now eating peanut butter and honey on crackers for you. And they taste good but don’t look as good as the pastries.

    Enjoyed the blog. If you come home, I’ll make you a Black Forest Cake with lots of cherries on top.

    love, mom

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