Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina, or My Country, Tis of Thee I Sing


2 thoughts on “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina, or My Country, Tis of Thee I Sing

  1. Wonderful blog! Makes a person glad to be alive!

    And to think that through all your adventures, the Good Lord was protecting you and then brought you home safely.

    This has just got to be the “beginning” of something really remarkable!

  2. Thank you so much for being so faithful to write-and you’re right-share in the adventure with you!!

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Post by Donna

The day before we left Argentina, I told Gwen I was going to write a blog post and entitle it “Go Ahead, Cry for Me, Argentina” based on how sad I was that our South American odyssey has come to an end. Back to normal life… But yesterday, on our first day back, I realized that normal life is simply amazing. When I say that we had lunch at Taco Bell, then stopped for ice cream at Brahms, drove home, and then got to bed early, it may not sound like much, but every moment of yesterday was magical. From the short passport control line in Miami International Airport to my head hitting the perfect pillow, I appreciated everything anew yesterday.

Clean bathrooms, strong and absorbent paper products, landscaping, foods that look as good as they taste, our car, air conditioning, a big, beautiful house, a shower curtain, key lime pie, a big, comfortable bed, no wake-up call/no check-out time, an over-sized mug of coffee with half and half, waffles with strawberries, cream and syrup, an ice maker, a tall glass of water from the tap, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, going barefoot, views from every window, and peace and quiet of the Arkansas woods. I would have liked to put an exclamation mark after each of those things. Gwen and I agreed that yesterday seemed like opening Christmas gifts all day long. This July 4th will be really special for us as we truly appreciate, with a broadened perspective, what a blessed situation we live in.

And yet none of the greatness of home takes away from how awesome our experience was. We kept journals, as well as posting pics on Facebook and using this blog; but it would be impossible for us to convey in words all this trip was. We met so many wonderful people, saw so much of Gods creation plant, animal and mineral learned so incredibly much about culture, history, geography and language of Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. We had a quick love affair with Uruguay that left us wanting more. Every day in South America was magical too. I thanked God daily for that experience, and still do because I know it will continue to enrich our lives.

We still have a few blog posts wed like to share–Gwen’s school experience in Brazil, our time with Cara Capps, among others hot topics–so this isnt a wrap just yet. But thanks to those who shared this most amazing adventure with us through this blog.

Signing out and settling back in,


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