Flowers for My Mother

Post by Donna

In these parts, Mother’s Day falls on May 15, so I was caught off guard on May 7 when talking to my mom on the phone, I learned that it was May 8 in the States. Oops. Too late to send flowers the traditional way. So here are some special flowers for my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. Love ya, Mom!

I wish I could tell you the name of more than one or two of these flowers, but, uh… let’s just call them exotic. We took most of these pictures just walking around our neighborhood in Joacaba. You may recognize impatients, which grow wild in Joacaba, and hybiscus and maybe bird of paradise. All the rest, just enjoy!


One thought on “Flowers for My Mother

  1. WOW! All those beautiful flowers! I am so happy to receive them! They made me think of the scripture that tells us to not worry – but just remember the flowers. A Creator that could make such flowers can handle all our problems and help us achieve our dreams. THANK YOU SO MUCH! love, Mom

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